What’s New | 2018.4.8

Ceiling Texture – Electrical Symbols

Changes have been made to ensure that ceiling textures display correctly when cut by electrical symbols (i.e., can lights).

Gross Floor Area – Information Stamp / Project Data

Changes have been made to ensure that the @GFA information stamp and Project Data menu display square footage correctly when the square footage equals 360 sq. ft.

Plan Sets – Auto Labels

Changes have been made to ensure that Auto Labels in Plan Set Pages from SoftPlan 2014 display with the correct size and spacing when opened into SoftPlan 2018.

SoftList Groups – Variables

For Group: Wall, the value for the variable overhang_hidden returns zero when the Fit to Soffit option is selected for a wall.


Changes have been made to the way grammars are processed to alleviate a problem where some systems would stop processing voice commands after a period of time.

Windows 10 – Project Name Display

Changes have been made to ensure that the project name is visible at the top of the screen when SoftPlan is set to full screen in Windows 10.


    • Yes – as long as you are a SoftPlan+ subscriber your drawings can be stored in the cloud and are available on any computer. If you are having difficulties please reach out to technical support.

  1. Does SP check the plans against the most common currently adopted IRC/IBC codes and point out a punch list of non-compliance for the user to review?

    I believe CA has a dimension story pole, does SP?

    I also believe that CA has HVAC, but SP still doesn’t?

    Is there a place to request additional Manufacturer Contest by users?


  2. I’ve been asking for one feature for years, and have been told the the tech’s that it’s a “good idea” or that they’ll “look into it”, but have never seen it.
    So many municipalities limit the height of a building above the foundation or established grade.
    It’d save a lot of time if it was a simple click to check the height of the ridge (or the highest point) over the top of foundation, rather than having to save the model as a Softplan drawing, measure, adjust the height of walls or pitch, and repeat.
    I’ve been asking for this since at least Softplan V12, so I’m assuming it’s more programming than I think it is. Thoughts?

  3. I am still looking forward to Softalk / walls / check boxes to be fixed. I believe that Tech support knows of this issue. but it has not been fixed for the last 2 updates. Hopefully next one.
    Perhaps this Softalk fix is needed to correct the one I just mentioned.

    Thank you

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