SoftPlan New Product Pricing

Pick a Purchase Method

We offer two different ways to jump into the exciting world of designing with SoftPlan.

Select the method that best meets your software needs and preferences.

You must choose one:


Pay a one-time fee to own SoftPlan outright.



Pay a monthly subscription fee to access the latest version of the complete software package including all modules and the SoftPlan+ cloud services. Subscription FAQs.

Purchase Pricing

SoftPlan includes SoftList and reView


Subscription Pricing

SoftPlan with SoftList, reView and SoftPlan+
$95 /month

Failure to pay the monthly subscription fee of $95 terminates access to the SoftPlan software, all modules, and the SoftPlan+ cloud services.

For more information on additional seat discounts and network pricing, please contact SoftPlan sales.

Subscriptions only available in the US & Canada and must be paid by credit card.