Currently the area command cleans up to the outside of a wall. How can I change to outside of a stud?

Version(s): 10, 11
Select File > Drawing Options > Material Dimensions > Material Options. The area’s cleanup location is linked to the structural slab locate. By selecting “Bearing” the area will find the bearing material in the wall of that plan, which on an exterior wood framed wall would be the stud.

Version(s): 12 +

Once the area is drawn it can be edited. In the properties it can be changed to Exterior Edge, Outside Bearing Edge or Interior Edge. Then a Cleanup will set it into the correct place along the walls.

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  1. Re: calculating area to inside of drywall-Thank you- Now, Does the same apply to calculate area to outside of plywood? If I set plywood to bearing, and would that also generate auto basement to outside of plywood as well?

  2. Is there a way to make it calculate from inside of drywall? When doing plans for secondary suites in our region, most districts ask for the ratio calculations from the inside of drywall.

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