How do I change my settings so that the area calculates to the outside of my bearing wall?

Version(s): 10, 11

The setting can be setup before drawing the Area by going to File > System/ Drawing options > Material Dimensions > Material Options. Change the Structural Slab Locate option to Exterior/ Bearing. Then trace the area and when a Cleanup is performed it will snap to the Exterior or Bearing within the wall.

Version(s): 12 +

In Area mode, after you have calculated the area you can edit that area to measure to the Exterior Edge, Outside Bearing Edge, or Interior Edge of the walls. Select Edit > Edit Item > click in the area > place a check mark next to the appropriate Reference in the Area Dialog > OK. The area will be automatically recalculated.

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  1. I am a professional engineer in the state of Florida. I currently use AutoCAD and have been for 30 years. I do foundations for existing houses that need to be raised out of flood zones. Usually, the foundation is a CMU stem wall on a continuous footer with piers supporting internal spans. Can Softplan do this readily? How about showing rebar?
    Also, can I run the same program on my lap top when I travel in my RV?

    • SoftPlan will run on a laptop, occasional connection to the internet is required. We will have our Florida expert, David Wilson, reach out as he is very familiar with the unique construction methods.

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