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I have found the program to be much more stable than version 2014, 3d is crisper the renders are better. It seems as if false dormer has been improved also. I have only had the new version for a week and already I would not want to go back to version 2014. Thumbs up from me.

Michael Landry
Builder, MA, USA

Jumped from 2012 to 2016, so my transition has been AMAZING. I am newly converted from my old platform (20+ years and DONE) and will not be going back! Thanks for a great product!

Lori Brausen
Designer, WI, USA

Really loving the new walkthrough feature. I have used it on multiple jobs with tremendous success! My customers love sending the link to the unlisted Youtube video to all their friends showing what they are going to build. So much better than messing with SoftPlan Review 3D's, and easier than creating a bunch of images. The walkthrough function is incredibly easy to use also. I made one this morning that and it only took a few minutes to create the path of travel. After a few minutes of rendering it was done. Super easy! I am finding that it really speeds up the early design process. I don't need to create and email a bunch of images, just simply update the movie.

Derrik Bauer
Tri County Lumber, IA, USA

I love love love the plan set templates. This time saver is huge!

As I create a plan set, I will neatly name and order them (Cover, Front and Rear Elevations, etc) and reference in the correct drawings. I do not use the auto-label feature (yet) but it seems label it exactly as you name the file. This label can also be manually edited.

When loading a plan set from template, it seems to pull in most files, including those that do not match exactly. Wherever there is something missing, there is a dialog that you can change the reference. I thought it to be very intuitive.

Harry Staab
Designer, NE, USA










  1. I just reinstalled Softplan 2016 and found out I have to download the additional content to have everything in place, problem is, it will take 19 hours to download 3.03GB file. Obviously I can’t sit at my computer and stare at it for 19 hours and the download times out or tells me there was an error do I want to continue. I really need the trees and cars and people to finish a rendering I’m working on. (I don’t recall having to do the download before)

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. As an educator with 3D printers, using the educational version of SoftPlan can I get softPlan drawings to my 3D printer file formats?

    • SoftPlan exports 3d models as .DWG .SKP .DXF .3DS files. The software for your 3D printer should import one of these formats.

  3. Can SoftPlan drawings be saved to a file extension to be used to create a 3d model with a 3d printer or use with a laser to cut the ext. Walls or roof?

    • SoftPlan models can be saved as 3D files in the following formats:
      .SKP (SketchUp)

      3D printers typically use an .STL file – the printer will have application software that accepts the above formats.

  4. Exported some DWG files to an Architect but he cannot open them. He has an older version LT 2012. Is there any way
    of using the same DWG drawing files from Softplan (2016.2.7) and convert them to an older version?
    Thanks for any help!
    Jim Hill

  5. I am interested in learning Softplan, as the jobs that I want to apply for all require working knowledge of Softplan. Do you have an educational version that I can learn on?

    • You should probably start with the SoftPlan trial version. We do have an educational version but it is for use in schools.

    • SoftPlan+ subscribers have the option of where to store their drawings either locally or in the cloud. The option is available on a project bases so you can store some jobs on the cloud server while other are local.

  6. Been a user for 7-8 years now and I do upgrade every 2 years.I’m not a power user and still don’t use all of the features and have no idea how to use some of them. I’m really a self-employed carpenter that mainly uses the program to do quick little drawing of the present home and a basic design for the addition or a basic design of the new home. Yes, I find the upgrade costs to be a bit much but I can understand that. The main problem I have is if I buy a new computer I have to go back and install the first version I purchased before I can install an update on that computer. Trying to keep track of a version 8 and soon to be 9 years old is problematic. I do understand that these are updates but this is a royal pain and I also do understand that this is not an easy problem to fix because we are buying updates and not new versions. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Sorry you are having difficulties but what you are describing simply isn’t true. If you have been a user for 8 years you probably have version 2016, 2014, 2012, and Version 14. If you have a new computer simply install SoftPlan 2016. There is no need to install the older versions. Once 2016 is installed it may automatically install patches to get to the latest build.

      • I have version 14 and I am thinking of upgrading to version 2016. If I have all of my drawings saved on an external hard drive, will I be able to redownload them on to 2016 without losing any information? Are they all compatible? Also, one other question… does Version 14 work with Windows 10? Thank you

        • Your SoftPlan 2014 drawings are compatible with SoftPlan 2016. SoftPlan drawings are always forward compatible so you should not have any issues.

        • Version 14 should work with Windows 10 but anytime you run application software that is significantly older than the operating system, Version 14 is circa 2009, there may be issues.

  7. Hello, newbie here, I still use AutoCAD to do my house plans, I just finished up a 2500 sq. ft. ranch walkout and told myself I’m done doing plans in CAD. Biggest waste of my time ever. It’s time to step up to new software. I know this is a softplan site but I’m going back and forth with Softplan and Chief Architect, any help and insight would be appreciated! Thank you!

    • Mr. Larkin,

      We appreciate your interest in SoftPlan, and you’re going to enjoy the transition to an object-based program. With SoftPlan you’ll be working with walls, openings, beams, cabinets, roofs, foundations, and so forth – almost everything is an object – and that gives you the ability to create automatic elevations, cross sections, interior details, renderings, materials lists, and energy calculations. We have incredible renderings and walk-throughs, and our reView app allows your customers to view their floor plans on devices such as iPads, Androids, and standard computers. It’s the type thing your customers expect these days, and SoftPlan delivers.

      We stand apart from the competition with our ability to handle the tougher construction drawings you run into. We tackle complex roof systems (not just simple hips and gables), stepped foundations, complex and varied stairs, decks, varied building options, floor and ceiling systems, pony and knee walls, framing diagrams, opening, electrical, and other schedules, and etc. Drop in beams and a beam pocket is created, set in a toilet and have an automatic plumbing drop, choose from thousands of symbols and details, with the ability to always create more. Make any change and know that it’s properly integrated throughout the model. Jump into light commercial and pole barns and know we’re going to work great.

      A lot of programs look the same in marketing materials, but you’ll find SoftPlan by far the strongest to deliver on fast and accurate construction drawings, and still with incredible renderings and walk-throughs. When you buy SoftPlan you’ll have a toll-free number and email to our technical staff, online access to all our training videos, and a great “Drawing with SoftPlan” book that paces you through an actual project. You’ll have the resources to learn the program and be up-and-running in just a few weeks.

      I’m glad to answer any further questions you might have, so feel free to give me an email at or by calling at 800-248-0164 ext. 7001. Thanks for giving us a look, and I look forward to hearing from you.

      James Turner

    • As a designer who started with AutoCad — decades ago — I switched to SoftPlan 8 after checking out Chief Architect &c. and over the last 20yrs of using SP and being courted by other Co. –(ReVit) Archi-Cad, Chief Architect, ExpressCad (all of who are touting their BIM capabilities) I have always ended up with SoftPlan … I am replying to re-iterate James’ comment about standing apart … SoftPlans ability to allow for more than just a “fake” pretty picture is key to our success with contractors — SP’s ability to build construction methodologies aids in the ability to produce accurate details and sections without “fudging it” —

      Just my two cents —


  8. Please, can you start using proper cabinet terminology as NKBA, Thank you.
    You guys call double corner as blind corner? Come on guys use proper NKBA terminology

  9. I am one of the first guinea pigs for Softplan. Worked for Beaver Lumber (Markham, Ontario) and was approached by Ken Montag
    to try their new software. We left the board and never looked back. Awesome product. Currently using 2014. Cheers.


  10. Please get rid of the USB Dongle! In today’s mobile age its cumbersome and impractical. Please explore other anti-piracy options.

    • I don’t think anyone like the dongle but it seems to be the lesser of the evils. Are you willing to be connected to the internet at all times that you use SoftPlan?

  11. Being a user since the early 90’s (v4.6) or something like that, I have to say I’m a little put off over the past few years.
    Put off about the continual updates, and here’s why. I update to the latest version, I’m only a few months having paid off that version and you release another. In previous years, “some time ago”, you did version “upgrade patches”, and in many cases, those added additional features and enhancements. Most were free, and I realize you are in business to make money, however, if I go back to my original purchase and tally that cost with the cost of the upgrades to new versions, I’m astounded at the thousands I’ve spent.
    I’m an avid user and have been for many years, in fact, once I got SoftPlan, I rarely if ever, and now never, use AutoCAD, however, the upgrade versions are quiet nice, and many enhancements have been great, easy and time savers, but really?
    It just seems like I no more than get the latest version paid for and get used to it, meaning I feel myself to be a serious “power user” drawing several hundred plans a year, and boom, another version with a couple thousand more to spend to upgrade it.
    O know, I don’t have to upgrade it, I can use what I have and be quite happy, as I have in the past, thankfully skipping a couple “buggy versions”, v11 and v13, but then if I wait, and yet another version is released, I’m financially penalized for skipping a version.
    Hence the upgrade from v 14 to v2014. was easier on the budget than the upgrade from v 12 to v14, and frankly as buggy as v13 was, much like v11 (my old partner had both and had many problems, loss of drawings, sudden shutdowns and “not responding” resulting in total loss of much work, even the recovery didn’t have them.
    Don’t get me wrong, I “understand making money in business”, but feel it is getting to be a continual expense to stay updated. In a few more years, I will have spent another several thousand dollars to do this.
    My sincere feelings is that the upgrade pricing should be better, it should be a “better deal”, especially for loyal and long time users of your programs.
    Back in the day of training classes, I was using it to a point I was able to show your trainers tips and tricks, in order to help other users, depending on their need and extent of use, ways to get around many things in order to save valuable time, and still achieve the same results.
    I’m sure this sounds like a complaint more than a praise, and in a short way, it is……………… Although I have always praised your program, and even got many others to switch to it from their current design program, I just think it has now become more about “just the money”, than the loyal users themselves.
    And yes, if 2016 has enough more to offer, other than just walk through ease of use, I’ll likely by this upgrade as well, but it is really going to have to shine a whole lot brighter than the comparison of 2014 to that of 2012 over v14, another version skipped, v2012, and thankfully I did skip it, as I was pushed hard by sales to buy the 2012 upgrade, and less than 60 days later you introduced v2014. I have to say, had I taken the sales pitch only to find a newer version waiting in the wings, yet to be announced, I wouldn’t have been the “happy user” I am today.
    Still, an upgrade cost every 1-1/2 to 2 years? at $1500 per pop being a multi key license?
    My final thought? you really should consider the cost for those “long time users” and give us a break, as I feel loyalty should mean something.
    That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong ~ Dennis Miller

    • SoftPlan currently releases every 24 months or so, we could see this getting shorter before it gets longer. Most of our users are subscribing to SoftPlan+ so the upgrades are included.

    • James, if you are really doing several hundred plans a year, SoftPlan is an outstanding bargain for you – it’s only a few dollars per plan – probably less than your morning cup of coffee. I’ve been a licensed architect for 35 years. When I started, we drew everything by hand, and ran prints one at a time on the office diazo machine (love the ammonia smell). As a sole practitioner designing only a few homes each year, my per-plan cost is much higher than yours – but I still consider it a great bargain. Changing walls without getting out the electric eraser – marvelous. Creating several variations without re-drawing the entire plan or cutting and pasting – a miracle. I started using SoftPlan with version 8 or 9 and have loved every upgrade since. It’s time for you to stop complaining and enjoy the miracles of the digital age.

      • I am more in line with Cynthia as far as projects drawn each year, I Produce approximately 16 to 20. I have been a user since version 9 and have skipped a few versions too. Much like James Holley I think Softplan should offer long time users a better deal.

        • Take a look at the SoftPlan+ program, same low price regardless of the version you are currently using. Most users think it’s a fabulous deal and we tend to agree.

  12. Would like to let you know that the comments shown above are from Dominic Ward not Dominic Moore. By the way I love the new features of 2016. Please keep it coming. Have fun at the IBS Show. Looking forward to the release of Softplan 2016.

  13. Been using SoftPlan since version 5 with 8″ floppy disks. We have come a long way. Current with 14 and look forward to the new update 2016.

    • I called a few weeks ago and they said early 2015 for the release of 2016. They still have to tease us with more features first then they will give us a release date or will release it.

  14. Been a Softplan user since V5. Yup, that was a Dos version!

    Was thrilled when layers were introduced to Softplan. Now all I hope for is the ability to ‘insert’ layers into the manager. Not add them at the end. Or have to organize them alphabetically. I will be the happiest Softplan user, ever!

  15. Softplan never ceases to impress with each upgrade. I can’t think of any that I’ve been disappointed with. 2014 was such a nice change and iteration, I can only imagine how fantastic 2016 is going to be. Can’t wait to see the release!

  16. Looking forward to Version 2016.
    Will be great to see what the new features will be.
    Currently use 2012.2.5
    Softlist user
    Hope monthly payment option will be available.

    Rod Leger

    • There will be a payment option but you should look at a SoftPlan+ subscription. It’s a better deal and you would already have SoftPlan 2014.

  17. I have been a softplan user since version 9. Softplan has come a long way and has made significant positive changes in the software. I remember sending 100s of suggestions (especially for 2012) and was surprised to see all the incorporated in that version and beyond.
    I did not realize 2016 is out and would like to compare it to my current version (2014). I do not see much as of now for what is in this new version. Will there be a complete list soon?
    Suggestion, send blanket e-mail to us users when new versions are out please.

  18. I have been using SoftPlan for the last 12 years and every version they come out with has been great. When I bumped up to SoftPlan 2014+ I was like wow! So I am very excited to see SoftPlan 2016!

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