1. Hi
    What features and options added to version 2020 when it comes to AS BUILT DRAWINGS?
    I can see the lieca disto laser measure tool has been added now ( although i could not test it in the trial version)
    Any other options added?

      • It missing a lot
        soft plan is a design software, were not meant originally for as built,

        1-I would say add 1 copy only option instead stating how many copy each time i need to copy a wall or any other element
        2-Also to have hidden layer for set distance between.
        3-I would also suggest to have auto dimension, but in different color ( so that the technician knows it not fixed yet) until dimension text is actually entered via blue tooth or manually, so that the technician don’t miss any measurement before leaving a room or area

  2. Hi, We’ve been using Softplan since V9. We now have 3 keys using v13. I am thinking about hiring an outside contractor who uses V14. I know I will not be able to open files he creates. If I load my v13 software into his computer will his v14 key work with it?

  3. Looking for advice. I have upgraded from Version 13 to Version 2020 and am unsure of how to transfer and open my existing drawing files in the new Version 2020 from my old Version 13. Can anyone give me the procedure that I need to adopt to transfer and open my drawings. Andrew

  4. Upgraded from 2018 to 2020. Issues with 2018 drawings in new 2020. Click ‘Dimension’ select ‘Set Distance Between’ and then try to click on any dimension line and program won’t highlight it for me to make the change. Program recognizes the extension (I can adjust it, etc). However, under ‘Set Distance Between’….the program just doesn’t recognize it like I did in 2018 version.

  5. I’m looking to upgrade from Softplan 2014 to 2020. I am currently running on Windows 7 Pro and would like to avoid upgrading to Windows 10 as my HP plotter will not support it. I have checked already with HP and they have no plan to update the drivers because of the age of my plotter.(2008). The plotter currently works perfectly with my v2014 and I have no desire to spend 4K to update the plotter at the same time. The bottom line question is, will v2020 work with windows 7 Pro?

    • Doug:

      This is total BS! HP make incredible reliable plotters & printers that last a long, long time, great right? Wrong! I had a similar experience with an HP wide format printer. I had an Windows XP computer that worked perfectly with my HP wide format printer. Then the printer up a died on me. So, I went to my local Office Max to buy a new replacement, but when I looked at the box, it stated that the new printer would not support Windows XP! I was like REALLY MAD about this. I had to buy a new PC if I wanted to have wide format printing for my SP CAD. So, I did this and was happily using my new PC & printer, then one day my printer just stopped working. I checked it still had power, I did not change any computer settings but it would not work. Much to my dismay, I found out the problem was that Windows did an Auto update to my system to Windows 10, which resulted in my printer not working anymore becuase it would not work with windows 10. I was like launching missles at Windows and there was just NO FREAKING WAY I was going to go out and buy another printer! SCREW THAT! I have had it! I now, just sent wide format dwg PDF’s to a local printer to print. This is all about Windows and HP forcing us to buy new equipment when we do not need to. Frankly I’m in shocked fastination that you can/are still running Windows 7 Pro. GOOD FOR U! Dude, unfortunately I think you are in the same boat I was in. So, skip buying the new plotter and just simply email PDF dwgs it to a printer.

      • Tim, that is exactly what ended up doing. I can send my pdf’s to my old machine using windows 7 if I want to use my plotter. Luckily I have two computers at hand, one running windows 10 and my old reliable one with windows 7. I did upgrade to softplan 2020 and love it. The thought about the pdf’s came to me as I was sending plans to a client and realized that I didn’t have to go directly to my plotter as I used to so often do. I will continue to use my plotter as long as it will continue to run, but will probably never buy a new one! Thanks for sharing your experience, Happy to know I’m not the only in this boat.

  6. Question #1?
    I am in the process of upgrading to the newer 2020, however, a question was asked and not answered in the comment section about the the symbols, paint textures and 3D textures as well as the stone, flooring and over items to provide a true rendering. So before I upgrade to the 2020 desktop version, please provide an answer as to what upgrades are included in the 2020 version.

    Question #2?
    Has Soft plan included additional features in the online program or is the online version equal to the 2020 desktop version.

  7. I have been using Sofplan from the Beginning ( Version 9).
    I have been using Version 14 with good productivity. When I upgraded to version 2018 that became a problem for me. for example
    When I generated Elevations these were in 3D. I always view and edit Elevations after I generate them. This was not possible in 3D
    I called Tech support and ask if I could turn off 3D so I could perform my usual View/Edit review and No One could answer my question.
    3D is a great feature for presentations and review with clients. However Sub Contractors use the 2D prints for estimates not 3D which in my case didn’t have the Detail that the 2D drawings have.
    QUESTION: Can you turn off 3D to generate Elevations in version 2020? This would be a very helpful tool, if not unfortunately I will stick with version 14.
    Paul Beltis
    PHB Building & Design

    • Elevations in SoftPlan 2018 can be generated the same way they were in Version 14 – select “Save as SoftPlan Drawing” when you see the “3D elevation” on the screen. This creates the older “vector” style elevation that you are looking for.

  8. I have Softplan 2014 (been using Softplan since the beginning) and for some reason it has been acting really wonky lately. It is automatically altering the dimension layout on my floor plans. I have Autodimension toggled off but it still reroutes and adds dimensions in strange places when I re-open after having saved a corrected version. Is upgrading to 2020 going to solve this?

    • Not sure what is happening. You can download the SoftPlan 2020 trial and check out the behavior there. You may also want ask over at the users group to see if they can help you understand what is going on.

  9. I have softplan lite version 14.4 on an older windows computerI l also have a Mac. Can i install 2020 version on both if I upgrade?

  10. Just upgraded from 2016 to 2020. I have to say I am very disappointed in that all of the symbols, paint textures and 3D textures have not changed, nor have they been expanded (from what I can tell) from 2016. Prior to purchasing I inquired about expanded symbols and textures and was offered the full list of what’s new. I should have looked more carefully.

    Not everyone wants to be “in the cloud” and paying a subscription every month, but like many companies, SoftPlan too is forcing it if you want premium content. The upgrade isn’t cheap, and for the money, they should at least meet somewhere in the middle.

    Buyer beware.

    • Yes,

      I had an$1,700 I7 Alienware with a 4K screen for about a year. The motherboards are overclocked and most fry, cost 1200 to fix. Was somewhat impressed. Almost replaced it with another similar laptop when I considered a MacMini becuase my macbook air runs SoftPlan pretty well. We got a $1,400 MacMini just for doing SoftPlan and are blown away! I’m actually glad that the Alienware died now after being pretty upset that it failed so soon.

      • Todd,

        I actually looked into using a Mac with Softplan several years ago and decided to just stick with a PC since I was unsure how well the program would cross-over. Can you email me when you get a sec and tell me how you’re running Softplan and any work-arounds or other info I might need to know when I upgrade to a Mac? januaryskydesigns(AT)gmail

      • I just got an MSI – 17.3″ Gaming Laptop – Intel Core i9 – 32GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 – 1TB Solid State Drive for when I am out of office or traveling. This laptop is more powerful and faster rendering then my desk top I just bought last year. Wish I got the laptop before the desk top. It is more expensive but it is portable.

  11. Hi ,
    If we draw a wall ,Then curve the wall from the top using the option “Top deflection ”
    After it is curved ,How can we make the trim to follow the top curve instead it just goes straight .
    What other option we can use ?

    Thank you

  12. I have been using Softplan 2014 and it’s not so great at multi-thread/multi-core utilization. Does Softplan 2020 make better use of multiple cores on the CPU?

    • The video card is by far the most important component in SoftPlan’s performance. You may want to download the trial to see how version 2020 performs on your specific hardware.

  13. I am a Softplan+ subscriber and would like to update from 2014 Softplan to 2020 Softplan. I will be using the 2020 softplan on a new computer. I computer/technology skills are pretty basic. Could you please instruct on what to do to achieve the above. Thanks

  14. I would like to buy the 2020 version of softplan
    I would like to know what purchasing option you would have.

  15. Why are the Elevations when saved as drawings become entities that need to be exploded? Is there a way to explode the entire drawing?

    • When an elevation is saved as a drawing some items need to be exploded and others do not. This has not changed with the version 2020 upgrade. Please reach out the technical support so they can sort out what is going on.

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